June's Youth Report

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Scavenger Hunt
The 2011 Summer Scavenger Hunt is a go for all children of the Long Green Valley Council family and the students of St. John’s School. John Canoles is the chairman for this activity.

Use your sleuthing skills and join in the fun this summer by participating in the Long Green Valley Knights of Columbus Scavenger Hunt. Test your knowledge of local landmarks and area history and your abilities to unravel clues as you collect the facts needed to win the First Annual Summer Scavenger Hunt. Registration is $5 per participant and registration is due by June 3rd. Cash prizes and certificates will be awarded. Winners will be awarded in several categories/age groups and all ties will be decided by a drawing.

As the new Council Year will begin shortly, I offer my congratulations to the new Youth Activity Director and offer him any assistance that I can provide. Thanks to all for their help this year.

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