May's Youth Report

webmaster, Wednesday 04 May 2011 - 14:26:48

Joshua Pippin
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Catholic Bee
 The Catholic Bee was a huge success with several schools and a total ofabout 17 contestants that went through almost all our questions. Everyone enjoyed themselves andappreciated the efforts of the Knights, the Owens and everyone else that helped out. We look forward to next year, but we need some more questions.

Rocket Contest
We are going to hold our annual rocketry contest for our next youth activity and I could use some help.Anyone who has helped out or run this activity in the past, is needed to share your knowledge. Your advicewill be greatly appreciated. Anyone who is willing to volunteer to help out I would be happy to hear from aswell. I’ve heard there are some rockets that have never come down – even after several years aloft.

The rockets will be launched on either the parking lot or above the cemetery, depending on the winddirection (probably the parking lot). We will be opening this up to the school, the parish and the scouts.

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