May's Nomination for Officers

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Officers Nominations


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Nominations for 2011-2012 Fraternal Year

The election of officers for the 2012 fraternal year will be held at the second meeting in May. The nominating committee, composed of Chairman Chuck Bogdanowicz, PGK Paul Weber and GK Tom Zaegel, has been working to identify candidates. Listed below is their current list ofcandidates. Nominations will be open at both meetings in May. If you are aThird Degree member interested in running for a position, please let one ofus know as soon as possible, or if you know of someone else, who isagreeable to run, let one of the members of the Nominating Committee soon...

In addition, we and your DGK Joe Wenderoth, are seekingcandidates for the Program Chairmen and other appointed positions. We arelooking to some of the newer members to get involved and pick upleadershiop of some of these programs and/or activities. These positions canbe filled by First Degree members or higher. This is a great way to shareyour skills and talents, and grow with your brother Knights.

Grand Knight Joe Wenderoth

Deputy Grand Knight Bob Renshaw

Chancellor Bob McGraw

Recorder Open

Treasure Harry Pippin

Advocate Bill Bilo

Warden Tom Rowan

Inside Guard Peter Stankoski

Outside Guard Bob Elliott

Outside Guard Open

1st Year Trustee Tom Zaegel,PGK

2nd Year Trustee Bill Davison

3rd Year Trustee Bob Dee,PGK

Delegate Tom Zaegel,PGK

First Alternate A. Paul Weber,PGK

Second Alternate Mike Sallese,PGK

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