April's Community Report

webmaster, Wednesday 04 May 2011 - 10:13:42

Mike Naumann


Brothers, there are three community activities remaining in this fraternal year. More information will beprovided as we get closer to the event dates


June Blood Drive

 The June Community Blood Drive is only a few months away. It is scheduled for Saturday, June 4, from7am to 1 pm. Our Blood Drive Chairman Ray Dietz will provide more information as the date approaches.Please stay tuned.

Flag Day Remembrance

 The type of activity to celebrate Flag Day is being investigated by Brother Bob Cyphers. Another trip toFort McHenry may not be feasible due to recent changes at the fort. Look for more information in nextmonth’s newsletter.

Apostleship of the Sea

 The AOS Center’s major need is for maritime ministers (ship visitors) who board vessels and interact withthe seafarers. One of our council goals is to sponsor two individuals to serve in this capacity. It would be atwo to three hour commitment every two weeks. Please contact me so that I can give you more informationabout this worthwhile and satisfying opportunity.

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