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Bob Renshaw 5/27/2014

 The Council had a good year at the convention in Ocean City.  As Grand Knight it was very rewarding to stand and be recognized as we were awarded second place for our newsletter and for Youth Activities and third place for Culture of Life and Church Activities.  Of course, amid all this glory is the realization that my only contribution was that of having good men to chair these activities.  Many thanks to Joe Wenderoth for pulling all of these activities together and presenting them in a positive light and thanks to Mike Sallese for producing our newsletter every month, frequently under the pressure of waiting for us contributors to get our articles in.  Although each award is judged on the total of three activities, I do know that we submitted our outstanding Thanksgiving Project, the Tootsie Roll Drive and the Mystery Dinner Theater in the areas that were recognized.  The chairman of these projects, Paul Wimmer, Kirk Larter and Pat Donohue deserve to be recognized for their dedication and hard work. 
The council’s response to my call for help with the cost of our new water supply has been overwhelming.  You have exceeded my goal of reimbursing half of the cost to the parish and have demonstrated that we can indeed meet our own obligations.   Once again, we can be proud of what we can accomplish as a group.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  Your generosity is appreciated. 
We will soon be entering a new fraternal year and although the same slate of officers has agreed to continue for another year, we will need to plan ahead for the following year.  There is still time for anyone who is interested in becoming Grand Knight to step into the position of Deputy for a year of seasoning.   
I will also be approaching men to chair activity areas.  Please respond favorably as this is an excellent way to become more involved in the Council and to hopefully eventually move into an officer position. I have set my installation for Thursday, July 17 following a mass in the Chapel at 7:00 PM.  Considering the late hour and that this is my second installation, we will have light hors devours instead of a full dinner.   This will also save some money after our recent unanticipated expenses.   I’m sure that we can still honor our incoming officers and have an enjoyable evening.

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