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Monday 15 April 2013 - 00:00:38

My Brothers All,

Here's our Long Green Valley Council (LGVC) news summary for Monday, April 15th to Sunday, April 21st.

1. This Week at LGVC- Monday, April 15st Council Home Rental 5PM- Tuesday, April 16 Lunch Bunch 11:30- Wednesday, April 17th Council Home Rental 5PM- Thursday, April 18, AJCA (4th Degree) – 8 p.m., location to be announced

2. Participation and Service Opportunities (Council Needs for Member Help)Let our Chancellor, Paul Wimmer , know of any member sick or in distress.  Let him know if you are available to visit any members who are sick.

3. Our AccomplishmentsThe Catholic Bee was very successful.  Fifteen students (grades 3 through 5), representing 4 schools, competed for nearly two hours.  Their knowledge of our Catholic faith was impressive.  We should all be proud if we have encouraged them in their studies.As usual, Joe and Barbara Owens did a marvelous job.

4. Coming AttractionsMike Sallese, Nominating Committee Chair, is looking for a few Good Men for the LGVC officer slate for July 2013-June 2014. Let Mike know that you'll be glad to serve.

Long Green Valley will sell beer, as is our custom, at the Spring Fling on May 9-11.

Deputy Grand Knight Bob Renshaw will lead our Marygold Program to distribute potted marigolds to Mothers who chose life. We will pick up the flowers from the State, re-pot them and hand them out at masses on Mother's Day weekend of May 11-12.

Our Membership Recruiting Drive will be the Ministry minute on the weekend of May 11-12 when we will speak from the pulpit. Our good works will be in evidence at the Spring Fling and Marygold program that same weekend. We need to have a big recruiting day to make our membership goal.

Our annual Ironbirds game will be Saturday, July 6th and includes a buffet, ball game and fireworks, all for $35 per ticket (under 5 free). We committed for 42 tickets. Bring your checkbook to a meeting.

Hall Rentals:  Consider renting our Council Home for a family get together. 

Contact Grand Knight Joe Wenderoth 410-592-9718 or to talk it over or reserve a date.Vivat Jesus,Bob Renshaw forJoe Wenderoth GK LGVC #8736

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