Monday 03 June 2013

Congratulations !!!

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At Long Green Valley Council’s May 28 meeting, we conducted our election of Council Officers
for the Fraternal Year of July 1, 2013 through June30, 2014. 
The following Brother Knights were
elected for Council Offices:
Grand Knight – Bob Renshaw
Deputy Grand Knight – James Schmidt, Jr. PGK
Chancellor – Paul Wimmer
Warden – Tom Rowan
Treasurer – Jim Cross, PGK
Recorder – John Bushman
Advocate – Chuck Bogdanowicz, PGK
Inside and Outside Guards: John Stansfield (OG), Ted Daniecki (OG), 
Pete Stankoski (IG), John Walega (IG)
Trustee (3-Year Term) – Joe Wenderoth, PGK

Delegate and Alternates to the 2014 State Council Convention:
Delegate  - Joe Wenderoth
Alternate 1 - A. Paul Weber, PGK
Alternate 2 - Michael Sallese, PGK

The Grand Knight appoints the Chaplain and Lecturer. The Supreme Knight appoints the
Financial Secretary to a 3-Year term. A single Trustee is elected each year to serve a 3-Year
term. All other Officers serve a 1-Year Term. Tom Zaegel has 2 year left on his 3 Year term and
Bob Dee has 1 years left on his 3-Year term.

Installation of Officers will take place on Wednesday July 17, 2013 at 7:00 PM.

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