Sunday 10 February 2013

Cancelled the Pancake Dinner

Category - LGVC Weekly | Author - webmaster | Sunday 10 February 2013 - 06:51:48

My Brothers All,
We have cancelled the Pancake Dinner, a tradition in St John parish to kick off the Lenten season.  Please let all your family and friends in the parish community know of the cancellation.
We just completed a terrific and successful Dinner last night (Feb 7th) to support the parish program Jesus Christ Superstar.  I will describe that dinner in another special all hands email to follow this weekend.  These late breaking events point out why it is essential that everyone has access to email - their own or a family member's.  It would not be possible to inform everyone in a timely manner otherwise.  Our rationale for cancelling is described below.
Since we just completed a Church Activity for the parish, one that required a substantial amount of hours and effort from our volunteers, it would have been a major undertaking (for those faithful Knights who support these cooking events) to pull off another parish dinner 5 days later.
Furthermore, one of the ovens in the Church Hall became inoperative at the Dinner last night, and we did not know if it could be repaired in time for our Pancake Supper on Tuesday (12th).  We would need both ovens to keep up with the pancake preparation. 
We have gotten good prices for pancakes in the past from two sources, but neither source was available this time, making the financial prospects dubious for all our effort.
Finally, we avoided bad weather on Thursday night but we might not dodge another bullet if we pressed our luck again in February.
The confluence of all these factors convinced us that discretion would be the better part of valor and therefore we cancelled the time honored pancake Supper.
Thanks to the fantastic team that gave us a successful Lasagna Dinner last night we had receipts of more than $400.
Joe Wenderoth GK LGVC # 8736

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