Monday 02 December 2013

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Bob Renshaw 5/27/2014

 The Council had a good year at the convention in Ocean City.  As Grand Knight it was very rewarding to stand and be recognized as we were awarded second place for our newsletter and for Youth Activities and third place for Culture of Life and Church Activities.  Of course, amid all this glory is the realization that my only contribution was that of having good men to chair these activities.  Many thanks to Joe Wenderoth for pulling all of these activities together and presenting them in a positive light and thanks to Mike Sallese for producing our newsletter every month, frequently under the pressure of waiting for us contributors to get our articles in.  Although each award is judged on the total of three activities, I do know that we submitted our outstanding Thanksgiving Project, the Tootsie Roll Drive and the Mystery Dinner Theater in the areas that were recognized.  The chairman of these projects, Paul Wimmer, Kirk Larter and Pat Donohue deserve to be recognized for their dedication and hard work. 
The council’s response to my call for help with the cost of our new water supply has been overwhelming.  You have exceeded my goal of reimbursing half of the cost to the parish and have demonstrated that we can indeed meet our own obligations.   Once again, we can be proud of what we can accomplish as a group.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  Your generosity is appreciated. 
We will soon be entering a new fraternal year and although the same slate of officers has agreed to continue for another year, we will need to plan ahead for the following year.  There is still time for anyone who is interested in becoming Grand Knight to step into the position of Deputy for a year of seasoning.   
I will also be approaching men to chair activity areas.  Please respond favorably as this is an excellent way to become more involved in the Council and to hopefully eventually move into an officer position. I have set my installation for Thursday, July 17 following a mass in the Chapel at 7:00 PM.  Considering the late hour and that this is my second installation, we will have light hors devours instead of a full dinner.   This will also save some money after our recent unanticipated expenses.   I’m sure that we can still honor our incoming officers and have an enjoyable evening.

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Sunday 22 September 2013

Tailgate Schedule

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 2013 REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE  (LGVC Tailgate Planned for Sunday 1 PM Games Only)
Thurs, Sept. 5atDenverBroncosDenver8:30pmWBAL-TV
Sun, Sept. 15vs. Cleveland BrownsM&T Bank Stadium1:00pmWJZ-TV
Sun, Sept. 22vs. Houston TexansM&T Bank Stadium1:00pmWJZ-TV
Sun, Sept. 29at Buffalo BillsRalph Wilson Stadium1:00pmWJZ-TV
Sun, Oct. 6at Miami DolphinsSun Life Stadium1:00pmWJZ-TV
Sun, Oct. 13vs. Green Bay PackersM&T Bank Stadium1:00pmWBFF-TV
Sun, Oct. 20atPittsburghSteelersHeinz Field4:25pmWJZ-TV
Sun, Oct. 27BYE   
Sun, Nov. 3atClevelandBrownsFirstEnergy Stadium4:25pmWJZ-TV
Sun, Nov. 10vs. Cincinnati BengalsM&T Bank Stadium1:00pmWJZ-TV
Sun, Nov. 17at Chicago BearsSoldier Field1:00pm*WJZ-TV
Sun, Nov. 24vs. New York JetsM&T Bank Stadium1:00pm*WJZ-TV
Thurs, Nov. 28vs.PittsburghSteelersM&T Bank Stadium8:30pmWBAL-TV
Sun, Dec. 8vs. Minnesota VikingsM&T Bank Stadium1:00pm*WBFF-TV
Mon, Dec. 16atDetroitLionsFord Field8:40pmESPN
Sun, Dec. 22vs.New EnglandPatriotsM&T Bank Stadium8:30pm*WJZ-TV
Sun, Dec. 29at Cincinnati BengalsPaul Brown Stadium1:00pm*WJZ-TV
*Flexible Time Schedule
All game times & television networks subject to change.
All times Eastern

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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Check this out...

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Last night, Saturday August 10, a member of LGV Council sang the National Anthem at the Ripken World Series. John Stansfield , Mike Sallese's son in law, is also a Volunteer EMT for Bel Air Station. John is a dedicated community service minded individual.


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Monday 03 June 2013

Congratulations !!!

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At Long Green Valley Council’s May 28 meeting, we conducted our election of Council Officers
for the Fraternal Year of July 1, 2013 through June30, 2014. 
The following Brother Knights were
elected for Council Offices:
Grand Knight – Bob Renshaw
Deputy Grand Knight – James Schmidt, Jr. PGK
Chancellor – Paul Wimmer
Warden – Tom Rowan
Treasurer – Jim Cross, PGK
Recorder – John Bushman
Advocate – Chuck Bogdanowicz, PGK
Inside and Outside Guards: John Stansfield (OG), Ted Daniecki (OG), 
Pete Stankoski (IG), John Walega (IG)
Trustee (3-Year Term) – Joe Wenderoth, PGK

Delegate and Alternates to the 2014 State Council Convention:
Delegate  - Joe Wenderoth
Alternate 1 - A. Paul Weber, PGK
Alternate 2 - Michael Sallese, PGK

The Grand Knight appoints the Chaplain and Lecturer. The Supreme Knight appoints the
Financial Secretary to a 3-Year term. A single Trustee is elected each year to serve a 3-Year
term. All other Officers serve a 1-Year Term. Tom Zaegel has 2 year left on his 3 Year term and
Bob Dee has 1 years left on his 3-Year term.

Installation of Officers will take place on Wednesday July 17, 2013 at 7:00 PM.

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Monday 06 May 2013

LGVC Weekly May 6th to 12th - Need Your Help!

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My Brothers All,

Here's our Long Green Valley Council (LGVC) news summary for Monday, May 6th to Sunday, May 12th. 

1. This Week at LGVC - Busy Week, Please Help Where You Can!!! 
-Monday, May 6th Council Home Rental 5PM 
-Monday, May 6th, Officer Meeting, Church Conference Center 7 PM 
-Wednesday, May 8th Council Home Rental 5PM 
-Thursday, May 9th, Spring Fling Beer Booth & Big Six Wheel 
-Friday, May 9th Marigold Pick Up and Re-pot (5 PM) 
-Friday, May 10th Spring Fling Beer Booth & Big Six Wheel 
-Saturday, May 11th Spring Fling Beer Booth & Big Six Wheel 
-Saturday, May 11th and Sunday May 12th Hand Out Marigolds to Mothers Leaving Masses 
-Saturday, May 11th and Sunday May 12th Recruitment Blitz with Speakers at All Masses 

2. Participation and Service Opportunities (Council Needs for Member Help) 
Let us know if you can help at Spring Fest. If we have enough for the beer stand (as we often do) there are other opportunities to serve as well. This year, we are adding a wheel of chance next to the beer stand, so we will need even more help. If you can help man the stand or the wheel for any period of time, let Tom Rowan know or feel free to just stop by for whatever amount of time you can spare. Or, just bring your family and enjoy the event as a participant with the church community. 
We will also be handing out Marigolds to all mothers (the MaryGold Program) as they leave mass this weekend. We'll pick up the flowers in nursery flats on Friday afternoon and need help repotting them into plastic cups when we get them back to the Hall. Please let Bob Renshaw know (410-592-8406 if you can help on Friday, May 10, at 5 p.m. for the repotting process. Many hands lighten the task and hasten the time so that we can get back to work at the Spring Fling.
On Saturday evening and Sunday morning, we need help distributing the flowers after each mass. It would be great if you remember to wear your name badge but that is not essential. Just drift out after communion so that we don't miss the early departures. This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable activities that we have. It promotes our visibility as Knights and the mothers, both young and old, appreciate being recognized for giving the gift of life. If you would like to speak at a mass during the member Blitz weekend (May 11th and 12th) please let me know (410-592-9718). If you can help in an officer role next year, elections are approaching (Social meeting in May). Let Mike Sallese know. 

3. Our Accomplishments 
I counted twelve Long Green Valley members plus some wives and family at the State Convention May 3-5. It isn't unusual for LGVC to have a big showing in Ocean City. Some of our members are serving a dual role with the State such as Past State Deputy Dick Siejack, Paul Weber assisting the State Deputy, Chuck Bogdanowicz as State Lecturer and Mike Sallese as District 27 Deputy. I, as Grand Knight and Tom Zaegel participated as delegates in the business meetings. Bob Renshaw, Jim Cross, Tom Rowan and John Stansfield also sat in meetings and enjoyed the activities. Chris Phillips and Bob Elliott played in the State Golf tournament (run by Paul Weber) on Thursday along with Tom Zaegel, Tom Rowan, Paul Weber and myself. During the formal Banquet, officiated by State Lecturer Chuck Bogdanowicz, some of us went on a private social outing to Magnolia restaurant in Bethany on Saturday night along with some Brother Knights from Mason Dixon Council in our District. It was a great weekend, though windy on the golf course. I am pleased to say that we received some State awards as well. 
(1) Most notable was 2012-2013 Best Council Website First Place. Note that this award is competed across more than 150 Councils in competition in the State of Maryland. We have the best web site in the State but it is still underutilized. We'll have Bob introduce members to his award winning site and show you how to best use it. 
(2) We received a second place for our Newsletter in Division B (less than 225 members). Well done Mike Sallese, Ted Burns and Bill Davison (editor emeritus) for putting it together this year. A special thanks to all the contributors who provide the content. 
(3) One of our Youth Programs was considered for a Supreme Council Program Award and finished third in that competition among all councils in Maryland. Only the first place winner is submitted to Supreme. 
(4) LGVC again received a Surge with Service award as one of 108 councils that submitted all required reports (i.e. the Homework Award) for the year. 
(5) Our LGVC golfing foursome of Chris Phillips, Tom Rowan, Bob Elliott and Tom Zaegel finished secondin a Captains Choice Format at 9 under par to win a cash prize. 

3. Coming Attractions 
Our annual Ironbirds game will be Saturday, July 6th and includes a buffet, ball game and fireworks, all for $35 per ticket (under 5 free). We committed for 42 tickets. Bring your checkbook to a meeting.

Hall Rentals: 
Consider renting our Council Home for a family get together. 
Contact Grand Knight Joe Wenderoth 410-592-9718 or to talk it over or reserve a date. 
Vivat Jesus,
Joe Wenderoth 
GK LGVC #8736

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